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What is a clairvoyant reading anyway?

To begin with, what is it that I'm clairvoyantly reading? I'm looking at your energy system, which is like looking at all the different parts of a vehicle that make it work the way it does. The chakras are like different systems of a vehicle (i.e. the braking system, the air conditioning system, the electrical system, etc.) The chakras contain the information about different systems of how you work psychologically, like how you relate to your body, your emotions, your sense of self, how you communicate, etc. Chakras are aspects of your psyche, that hold as energy all the different causes for your behaviors, emotions, and beliefs. For example, that time you were traumatized when you were younger and how that affects you presently, is held in your chakra system. The components of your personality are held in your chakra system, along with why they formed in the first place. Your energy system holds your conscious and your unconscious self, the experiences that molded who you are today and how you react to present experiences. Using the car analogy, you might notice that your steering isn't aligned or your air conditioner stops working, and it can be hard to figure out what needs to be done to fix it. Getting a clairvoyant reading is like going to a mechanic for your psyche. You might notice your relationship isn't working, that you feel terrible at work, that you've lost your sense of direction in life, or that it's hard to stay centered. In a clairvoyant reading, I look at the chakra system and help discover the underlying experience that is stored there that is causing the disruption in your life. Most of the time, just from describing the underlying cause, people utilize their own natural self-regulating capacities to heal themselves. Sometimes someone is still overwhelmed by the past experience that is causing the disruption and I offer to help them let go of that experience so they can uncover their own wisdom and self-regulate.

Clairvoyant readings get to the root of the causes of your suffering past all of the incongruent intellectual story lines and help you find your own wisdom, utilize your own healing capacities, and empower you to release habitual emotional and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you so you can be present in your life and find your own answers.

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