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What are House Healings?

There are different approaches that I use when doing house healings depending on the need. The basic format I follow is as follows:

1. You draw out a rough floor plan of the building you want healed.

2. For each room, you get to come up with how you want the room to feel and if you are so inclined, you can come up with a color of energy that represents that feeling. I suggest you write down these qualities that you want each room to feel like along with the color of energy that each room is set at for future reference.

3. I look at the energy of each room and clear out any energies that don't allow the room to be set at the feeling that you want.

There are a variety of different energies that I clear in houses. Most of the time the energies that get stuck in a room are negative emotions that have been associated with the room in the past. These negative emotions are energies that haven't been resolved by the people that emoted them. Those people are still stuck in those unresolved emotions, and by clearing the emotions from the space, often the process allows those energies to get reintegrated and resolved in the person who originally emoted them.

An interesting and relatively out-there variety of energy that I regularly see in rooms are energy portals. These portals are gateways to other... how do I say it... spiritual dimensions. For example, during a recent house healing there was a portal in the kitchen that led to the psychological past of one of the residents. This past was full of invalidation, aggravation, anger, and general unpleasantness. In a way this portal was representing how he was actively reliving his past. The resident had cords of energy running from his different chakras through the portal that were causing him to feel seemingly endlessly agitated for no apparent external reason. I then worked on erasing the portal energetically and helping the resident resolve that bit of karma that was connected with the portal.

There are all kinds of energies and spirits that can utilize portals in a space and often they cause you to have significant emotional stress without an apparent external stimulus. Another variety of energy that I see in houses are spirits. These spirits may be stuck in the house due to their unresolved emotional associations with the house or the people in the house. I generally make sure that the spirits are able to move on and no longer are associating themselves with the house. Sometimes though I will work with the spirit in such a way as to bring about its own healing and uncovering of its wisdom and bring it into an agreement to protect and support the people in the house or the energy of the space.

4. After clearing out a room and seeing it filled in with the feeling and color of energy that you want, I usually call in a "Maria" spirit, which is a spirit that is very earthy, focused, and grounded. I have this Maria stay outside your room but be in agreement to hold the energy of the room at that energy you chose for the room. These Maria beings are very adept at singularly focusing on holding energies steady in a space.

5. I also look at the space below the house and work with the spirits of the Earth there to form an agreement with them to be in support of the energy of the space above them. This may involve healing slights against the spirits of the Earth from when the structure above them was built and their land was altered. When spirits of the Earth that live under you in the land are not happy, they can negatively influence how you feel, think, and behave in your house. For example, I notice an earth spirit under a nearby building that is unhappy with all the concrete and alteration of its land. It appears to be contributing to digestive stress in a resident living above it as it affects the nervous system around part of the small intestines. It also causes some crankiness and a little apathy. In having my spiritual healing guides work with the that earth spirit, it becomes appeased and supportive of the resident, bringing about more ease to their digestion, and presence and calm to their emotional space.

6. There are often other energetic influences on a house and I keep my clairvoyant eye out for anything else that may influence how you feel, think, and behave in your house.

7. After some time, and especially if there is a lot of psychological intensity going on in the house, the Marias can get worn out with their agreed upon job and need a replacement or healing. If you are so inclined, I can teach you a simple visualization to reset or improve the energy in a room so that the energies in your house can stay more up to date with your spiritual growth.

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