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Deep Light Healing Sanctuary


I'm glad you're here.

Here's your chance to go deep, find your light, and heal yourself through sessions and classes.

I address your situation and intentions with clairvoyant spiritual counseling, healing, and teaching.  

Classes involve comprehensive training in psychic skills, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and trance-mediumship, for the benefit of self and others.

Sessions usually start as a clairvoyant reading unless another modality is requested, and proceed to other modalities as needed.

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Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyant reading is the foundational component of what I do.  When I do a reading, I get into my "clairvoyant space," which involves setting my energy system in ways that allow me to see your energy system while maintaining clear energetic boundaries.  I don't feel into you or otherwise put my energy in your space or pull your energy into my body to read you.  I put my attention in my third eye chakra and see your energy on a screen on the inside edge of my aura.  That way, I don't put my attention and energy into your space, maintaining good energetic boundaries.  Being in my clairvoyant space helps me maintain the flow of my energy which models that to any stuckness in your energy system, allowing for co-regulation and support with getting your energy flowing again.

During a reading, I'll ask you to say your full name three times so I can calibrate to your spiritual perspective held in your crown chakra.  Then you'll get to share your intention for the session, which triggers all of your unconscious associations with what you brought up, which shows up in your energy system.  The reading will proceed from there with me reading what is going on in your system and how it transforms. 


There may be times when your spirit wants my spiritual healing support and other times when you are self-regulating effectively. 


I may also teach simple psychic tools to support your intentions for the session and goals for your life.

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Medical Intuitive Reading

Sometimes we feel like that bear.  During medical intuitive readings, I look at your energy system as it correlates with your physical body and its symptoms.  I read and uncover both the core energetic issues underlying your physical symptoms and your body's self-healing abilities.  As needed, I offer healing for your energy system to support your body's self-healing abilities.  I may recommend consultation with a medical doctor to more effectively understand and relate with your physical body's symptoms.  Medical intuitive readings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Medical intuitive readings may promote
1.  Understanding the underlying spiritual issues and lessons of your physical symptoms.
2.  Improving your energy flow to support your physical body's ability to heal itself.
3.  Creating a more peaceful relationship with the experience of your physical body.
4.  Finding clarity and your own answers about making medical decisions.
5.  Having insight into how the energy of your body is affected by substances, activities, situations, environments, and people.

Hands-on Healing

During a hands-on healing, you lie clothed on a massage table and I will set my hands at a high vibration and touch on parts of the body to first calm the nervous system down enough to allow your astral body (the body you dream in) to come up and out above the body.  I then look at what energy is stuck in the astral body and touch those parts of the physical body, watching the energy there transform into your wisdom.  I don't put my energy into your space, but rather hold the energy of my hands in that high-vibration wisdom.  This models wisdom to the stuck energy in your body and it ends up transforming into wisdom.  As the energy in your body transforms, so does the correlating energy in your astral body.  This process helps you regulate the negative states of mind held in the body and astral body that are related to your healing intention.  Depending on what you want a healing on, I may bring my psychic surgeon healing guide into my hands to heal on a more physical energy level.  At the end of the session, I bring your astral body back into your physical body and make sure they are integrated, the energy is flowing, and you are embodied.  This process can feel dreamy and some people fall asleep, which is fine.  To conclude, I will share some of what I noticed occurring during the healing.

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Home/Business Healing

During home healings I clairvoyantly look at the various spaces of your home, the land it resides on, and your relationship with those spaces.  Previous negative experiences that have been associated with the space of the home may trigger negative emotions in your energy system.  I can help to both clear the negative energy associated the home and clear the negative feelings that it brought up.  Then we can collaborate on how you'd like your home to feel and I can help set the energy of the space and/or I can teach you how to do it yourself to help maintain your relationship with the space.  Home healings work just as well for business spaces.

You may want a home healing if:
1.  You are moving into a new home and want to clear out all the previous energies so you aren't negatively affected by them.
2.  You live in a home where there has been negative experiences that have tainted your relationship with the home.
3.  You have experienced ghosts, spirits, entities, or beings in your home and want them to be cleared out and able to move on peacefully.
4.  You have a business space that is stressful and unpleasant to be in.
5.  You are intending to sell a home and would like the space to be feel good to potential buyers.
6.  You would like to enhance the energy of your home to support aspirations for your life or your family's life.

Home healings can be done remotely and in-person if within 30 minutes of Lafayette, CO.

Mediumship Reading

During medium readings, I facilitate communication between the spirit of the deceased and you.  I can also see how they are doing energetically and what they are up to.  Sometimes the deceased may be suffering and I may offer healing to help their spiritual progress.  I can look at the spiritual relationship dynamics between them and you.  I may also offer healing to facilitate progress in any grief you may have, often by differentiating your energies from the deceased and fellow grievers.  This can be part of what can end seemingly endless grief that some people experience.   

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing involves different techniques depending on the person and situation.  I do spiritual healing or not based on what is skillful for that moment.  I respect your ability to heal yourself; people often heal themselves just from hearing what energy I'm seeing in their space.  Other times, someone's spirit may be overwhelmed and not be connected enough to their inner healing abilities to work with the issue at hand effectively.  With consent, I offer the spiritual healing that appears appropriate at that time.  Some of the many spiritual healing techniques that I utilize are:

1. Clairvoyantly looking for the healee's energy (often I look in their 11th chakra, which is about their enlightened expression) that can heal the present issue, and reading how that healing occurs.

2. Using some of my 11th chakra-based healing tools.

3. Calling in my two healing spirit guides (my healing master and psychic surgeon) and working with them to do spiritual healing and psychic surgery.

4. Utilizing the healing energies of deities.

5. Abiding in non-dualistic presence.

6. Running Christ-force energy through the energy system.

7. Recovering fragmented parts of the soul and reintegrating them.

8. Trance-medium healing.

In addition to integrating spiritual healing into readings, I can offer sessions focused on spiritual healing, which involves quiet healing and after the healing is done I'll share what I noticed during the healing.  The quiet often allows for faster processing of energy as the pacing of the healing is no longer tied to linear conceptual understanding.  If you'd like to lie down, relax, and let the stress quickly fall away in a non-conceptual process, ask for a session focused on spiritual healing.


Christ-Force Healing

After Jesus' lifetime, he worked with other ascended masters to create a grid of healing forgiveness energy around the planet.  Many angels, spirit guides, healers, and spiritual teachers work on supporting, reinforcing, and utilizing this grid of energy. The energy of this grid is useful in healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  During a Christ-Force healing, I hold your feet, connect to the Christ-Force Grid and channel it through my hands and up through your entire body, clearing out layers of physical tension, emotional negativity, mental confusion, and spiritual unconsciousness.  After the healing, I will tell you about the healing that I clairvoyantly saw unfold in your space.  This healing can also be done long-distance.

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Rock Balancing

Spiritual Teaching

Spiritual teaching may include teaching you simple visualization-based tools to manage your mind, body, spirit, and relationships.  They can be empowering for you to be able to manage your life more effectively and insightfully.  Regarding relationships, these teachings can support you in your psychological and energetic boundaries, clearing up negativity, and developing more presence along with any state of mind you would like to have with them.  These teachings can also provide you with meditative techniques to calm your mind, be grounded, and effectively deal with psychological challenges. 

Trance Medium Healing

Trance medium healing is a powerful modality where I set my energy system in a specific way, consciously leave my body, and work with your spirit to facilitate healing for your incarnation.  Being consciously out of my body provides a vast spiritual perspective and clarity that allows me to cut through the drama of the issue, get to the spiritual root of the problem, and transform it quickly and effectively.

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Areas of Expertise

Therapist Burn Out

Are you burned out with work as a therapist?  Are you not getting the emotional support you need?  Is your caseload overwhelming?  Do you have particularly challenging and stressful cases?

Receive insightful and transformative clairvoyant reading and healing on the underlying transference and countertransference stress, secondary trauma, and underlying psychological issues from your past that get in the way of you being present, engaged, and self-regulated with your clients.

Schedule a short session at the end of a particularly stressful day to find your center again or a longer session to work through deeper layers of stress linked to your own trauma and childhood development challenges.  I'll get to the root of your stress quickly and effectively and help you see the part of you that can heal it.

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    Master being out-of-body to become embodied. As above, so below.

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    From the threshold between your lives, find your freedom in this life....

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    1 hr 30 min


Custom Payments Options

For sliding scale payments, custom tuition payments, tips, or donations:

Sliding scale payments can be an amount that works for you, no questions asked.

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What Clients are Saying


"Brendan is an amazing healer - he has a true gift to see one's over-arching path as a spirit, and help individuals to align with this more authentically by helping to release blocks and untrue programs from the energy field.  His work is embodied in compassion, gentleness and certainty in the body/spirit connection.  It is a true miracle to experience energy work with Brendan!"

Stacia Synnestvedt

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My Training


I trained for 10 years at the Psychic Horizons Center, the Boulder Psychic Institute, and the Aesclepion Institute, logging more than 1000 hours of doing clairvoyant readings and healings outside of classes.  I completed programs in hands-on healing, spiritual healing, medical intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual teaching, trance-mediumship, channeling, and became an ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light at Psychic Horizons Center.  

I taught a variety of programs and workshops at Psychic Horizons for over six years and ran energy healing clinics at Psychic Horizons and Naropa University.  For over a decade I ran clairvoyant reading clinics guiding students at Psychic Horizons to hone their clairvoyant abilities.


I completed my BA in contemplative psychology at Naropa University and worked in the mental health field for about 15 years, working with clients with severe mental illness, honing my patience, compassion, and sense of perspective.  For 5 years I lived with clients with severe mental illness as a therapeutic housemate, developing my ability to be centered in psychologically unstable environments.

I am a dedicated and consistent meditation practitioner, often spending hours per day meditating and doing energy work on myself.  I have completed numerous solitary and group meditation retreats.  I spent about 6 years regularly learning and intensively practicing meditation one-on-one with a Western Buddhist lama and completed an extensive meditation practice called ngöndro that took over four thousand hours.  I respect diverse spiritual perspectives and use a non-sectarian approach.  My pronouns are "he," "him," "his."  Learn more on my Linked In profile.

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Type "free read" in the chat in the lower right and I will clairvoyantly read the seven layers of your aura as soon as I am available and send you what I noticed.  I will read a color for each layer of your aura and let you know what the color represents.

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Go deep, find your light, heal yourself.

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